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Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

Sa - San - Sav - Sc - Scre - Se - Secu - Sem
Set - Sh - Shel - Si - Sim - Sl - Sm - Sol - Sp - Spi
Spr - St - Stap - Step - Str - Stri - Su - Sup
Straight board which levels and removes excess concrete, etc. which has been poured into forms, prior to its hardening.
Screed Auger
Paving machine that employs an auger to spread asphalt along the length of the screed so that it is distributed evenly, then the screed levels the asphalt onto the road.
Screed, Power Driven
Two straight boards, spaced a foot apart, combined with an engine that causes them to vibrate, used to level and remove excess concrete, etc., prior to its hardening.
Leveling and removing excess concrete by drawing a board back and forth across its top.
  1. Frame covered with a fine mesh, which serves as a barrier on windows and doors to keep insects and debris from entering, while allowing air to circulate.
  2. Coarse mesh used to sift or sieve out coarser from finer material.
  3. The surface area of a T.V. or other receiver.
  4. A system of separating out different types of persons or things.
Screen Block
Masonry block with an open latticework pattern, which is often used to construct a wall for screening off a patio area.
Screen Molding
Molding used around the screen frame to hold the edges of the screening in place.
Screen Wall
Brickwork pattern in which the ends of the stretchers, which are bricks laid horizontally with the narrow side of the length exposed, are placed ½ brick apart in each course to give a latticework effect. This type of wall allows for some privacy and a barrier against wind and sun.
Fastener which has a flared, slotted head with a raised spiral ridge running down the shank. A screwdriver fits into the screw head to insert or remove the screw. Alternately, Phillips head screws have a crisscross slot in the head rather than the slot.
Screw Tek
Sheet metal screw that is fully threaded with a tip in the shape of a drill bit and either a Phillips or hex head, which is used to fasten heavy sheet metal. They are zinc-plated and available in various sizes.
Tool consisting of a handle on one end of the shank with a pointed blade on the other to install or remove screws. There are different blade ends for the different types of screws, such as Phillips Head, etc. Screwdrivers can be both manual and power driven (cord and cordless) and some have interchangeable bits to fit different head sizes.
Screw Extractor
Tool which has a left hand steep spiral threaded shank that removes broken off screws when it is inserted into a hole that is drilled down the center of a screw that has a right hand thread. When the extractor is turned, it exerts a loosening force on the screw as it is turned.
Screw Eye
Fastener which has a raised spiral ridge running down its shank but, instead of the normal flared slotted head of most screws, it has a circle or loop. When screwed into wood, the eye is exposed and can be used to hold wire or cord or can become part of a two-piece fastener, when matched with a small hook.
Screw Gauge
Measurement gauge for the sizes of screws.
Screw Gun
Power screwdriver with the features of a clutch, magnetic screwdriver bit and an adjustable screw installation depth so that a series of screws can be driven to the same depth.
Screw Machine
Metal lathe that cuts machine screw threads into a machine screw.
Screw Pitch Gauge
Gauge that checks the number of screw threads per inch on a screw.
Screw Thread Micrometer
Instrument which identifies the diameter of a threaded rod to the closes thousandth of an inch, which is used when great precision is needed.
Screw Threads
The threads are the raised spiral ridges that run down the shaft of a screw. When the screw is turned, the threads cut groves into the interior of the material, fastening it in place.
Screwed Off
Expression for using a few screws to hold material in place and then screwing all of the screws simultaneously.
  1. A pointed, hardened instrument that is used for scoring stone, brick, wood, etc.
  2. To etch lines or decorations into a surface.
Cutting and fitting of trim woodwork along an irregular surface by marking the contour of the surface along the trim piece and using the markings to make the needed cuts.
  1. A roll of parchment paper with writing or pictures.
  2. An ancient book in the form of a rolled manuscript.
  3. A curved or spiraling design used for ornamentation.
Scroll Saw
Hand or power saw which is used to cut larger piece of work than that which can be done with a jigsaw.
Scroll Work
Ornamentation consisting of curved and spiral designs.
To cause a scrape on a smooth surface.
Scuff Sand
Light sanding, which scrapes the sheen off of a glossy surface, so that new paint will bond to the surface.
Drain, normally located on a roof or deck, which allows rain water to drain off.
Metal plate used to protect wood around a keyhole.
Roof or ceiling opening that permits access to the attic or rooftop.

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