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Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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  1. A faucet.
  2. The end of a pipe that is inserted into a enlarged end of another pipe to form a joint.
Nail, three to twelve inches long, which is used to fasten heavy timber.
Slender wooden, shaped cylinder, such as a newel post.
Spiral Column
Steel cored, concrete columns that have a continuing spiral of reinforced metal around the core.
Spiral Staircase
Stair that has treads curving upward around a central point.
A pointed structure topping a tower or steeple.
Spirit Level
Level with a fluid filled glass tube that, when held perfectly level, either vertically or horizontally, allows the bubble that is trapped in the tube to be perfectly centered.
Spirit Stain or Varnish
Wood stain, that dries quickly, due to the addition of a volatile liquid vehicle that evaporates easily.
Splash Block
Slanted block, which diverts the runoff water from a downspout, away from the foundation.
Splatter Paint
Paint, which gives a bumpy finish or mottled appearance, by being applied in droplets to a dry base coat.
  1. To join or unit.
  2. To fasten the ends of wire together by twisting, soldering, etc.
  3. To join ends by overlapping and binding or bolting together.
  1. A flat key or strip that its into a groove or slot between two parts. Alternately, the groove or slot into which it fits.
  2. A long, flat, pliable strip of wood, used to strength two pieces of wood by joining. The strip (spline) fits into a groove cut into the two joined pieces.
  3. The raised ridges evenly spaced around the circumference of a drive shaft or axle.
Splined Joint
Butt joint with a groove in each of the members being joined, with a spline fitted into the adjoining grooves, adding strength to the joint.
Split-bolt Connector
Electrical connector consisting of a threaded bolt with a slot through the threaded part, with wires placed in the slot and a nut, which has an attached solid piece of metal that fits into the slot, threaded into the bolt. Split-bolt connectors are used when the joining wires are too large to be connected by wire nuts.
Split-faced Block
Masonry block with one side rough and textured.
Split-level Home
A type of house with floor levels staggered so that each level is about ½ story above or below the adjacent one.
Split Rail Fence
Zigzag patterned fence of logs split lengthwise, which are held together with spikes.
Split Receptacle Wiring
Double electrical receptacle which has one half wired to one circuit with the other half wired to a different circuit. This allows for greater flexibility in use of high current drawing appliances, since they will not overpower one circuit and also protects against total loss of electricity if one circuit blows out.
Split-ring Repair Clamp
Clamp which is used to repair a pipe lead at a gasket in a bell and spigot joint by having one ring fit the bell side and the other the spigot side of the joint, with both being held together by interconnecting bolts, spanning the joint. A gasket is attached around the spigot end. When the bolts are tightened, the rings are drawn together, forcing the gasket into the bell to seal the leak.
When a second coat of paint is applied over a not yet dry base coat, the top coat cracks and splits.
The materials are removed from excavation of a trench.
Spoil Box
Container that holds the materials removed from excavation of a trench. These materials are then removed or replaced into the trench.
Spoil Site
Temporary site used to deposit the material removed from excavation of a trench.
Two handled, curved blade, which is drawn toward the person doing the wood shaving, across the curved surface of the wood being worked. Wooden wagon wheel spokes are made in this manner.
Sponge Twist
Heavy texture style, also called a Spanish swirl, which uses plaster, stucco or drywall to produce circular swirls.
Spot Zoning
Zoning a portion of land in a given area for different purposes than its surrounding functions.
Using joint compound to cover exposed fastener heads used in wallboard installation, to produce a smooth finish.
A married partner.

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