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Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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  1. Any of various devices used to protect or screen from light.
  2. Degree of darkness of a color.
  3. A shadow where light is diffused.
A dark and light appearance that sometimes occurs in darker asphalt shingles, due to the slight differences in manufacturing combined with the diffusion of light.
  1. Defect, in a painted surface, which shows the shades being slightly changed when viewed from different directions.
  2. Visible edges of wallboard joint tape.
  1. The main, cylindrical part between the ends of a column or pillar.
  2. A vertical opening passing through the floors of a building.
  3. The long stem or body of a tool or weapon.
  4. A bar that supports or transmits motion to a mechanical part of an engine.
Shaft Wall
The walls around a vertical opening that passes through the floors of a building.
Thick wooden shingle, hand cut from logs, used for roofing or siding.
Shake Roof
Roofing of wooden shakes.
Refers to the decline in real estate values that occurs during an economic hardship such as depression or recession. When this occurs, there is normally huge loss with some real estate owners declaring bankruptcy.
Drastic and sudden change in organization or direction. When applied to a business it is often due to new ownership, with changes in personnel.
A finely grained, thinly bedded rock formed by the hardening of clay, which splits easily into layers.
  1. The part of a tool or instrument between the handle and the working part.
  2. A straight narrow part between other parts.
  3. An appendage on an object so that it is able to be fastened to another.
  1. The form, characteristic of a particular person of thing.
  2. To make fit by cutting or molding.
  3. To make by cutting or molding material.
  1. Machine with a cutting tool, which is moved across the work by a reciprocating driving arm to make metal parts, gear teeth, etc.
  2. Rotary power tools which have cutter blades mounted in the rotary head that is spun by a motor. When the work is guided past the head, the wood is shaped into various moldings.
Shaper Gauge
Measuring instrument used to precisely set the blades of a shaper or planer and to check slot widths. Two adjustable inclined planes can be moved to make it thinner or thicker and can be locked into the proper position.
To make sharp by honing.
Shared Appreciation Mortgage
Residential loan with a fixed interest rate set below market rates, with he lender entitled to a specified share of appreciation in property value over a specified time interval. Loan payments are set to amortize he loan over a long-term maturity, but repayment is generally required after a much shorter term. The amount of appreciation is established by the sale of the home or by appraisal, if no sale is made.
Shared Equity Mortgage
Home loan in which the lender is granted a share of the equity, thereby allowing the lender to participate in the proceeds from resale. After satisfying the unpaid balance of the loan, the borrower splits the remainder of the proceeds with the lender. Shared equity plans often require the lender to buy a portion of the equity by providing a portion of the down payment.
Shared Equity Transaction
Situation where two buyers purchase a property with one as the resident co-owner and the other as an investor co-owner.
Shark Fin
A felt lap, either side or end, on a built-up roof which is curled up and resembles a sharp fin.
  1. Any of several large tools or machines used to cut metal.
  2. To remove by cutting or clipping.
  3. To clip at right angles.
  4. Resistance to sideway movement.
Shear Force
Force which acts on gravity, perpendicular to a plane. A heavy hanging item, held by nails or screws, is subject to the force of gravity that acts on the subject with "shear force".
Shearing Stress
The force of gravity that causes two contacting parts or layers to slide upon each other, moving apart in opposite directions parallel to the plane of their contact.
Shear Plate
A plate which is fastened or welded to a structural piece so that it can resist and prevent a shear force from moving pieces in relation to each other by the force of gravity.
Shear Wall
Wall which is designed to add stiffness to a stud wall so that it can resist sideways or horizontal loads by mounting plywood sheathing from the bottom plate to the top plate and nailing it in place as shown by the shear schedule in the plans.
  1. Sheets of material (plywood) which are applied across floors, rafters or studs.
  2. Outer covering of electrical cable.
Sheathing Paper
Moisture resistant paper, which is applied under a final covering of roofs or walls, to serve as a barrier against the weather.
Sheathing Stripper
Tool used to remove the sheathing from nonmetallic electrical cable.
A wheel with a grooved rim like the one used in a pulley block to guide the rope or cable.
Sheave Beams
Beams that are overhead supports for the sheaves on which an elevator operates.
A small, rough building used for storage or shelter, etc.
Shed Ceiling
Ceiling that pitches upward at one end.
Shed Dormer
Dormer which has a shed roof.
Shed Roof
Roof that pitches up higher on one side than the other.
The degree of brightness, shininess or luster.
  1. Thin, transparent, diaphanous.
  2. Perpendicular or extremely steep.
A broad, thin, flat, continuous surface, layer or expanse of material.
Sheet Metal
Thin sheets of metal that range from 0.006 inch to 0.249 inch thick, which is used in the manufacture of ductwork, flashing, etc.
Sheet Metal Locking Pliers
Pliers, used when forming sheet metal, that have wide, flat jaws with an over-center adjustable lever locking mechanism.
Sheet Metal Punch
Cylindrical metal tool for making holes in sheet metal.
Sheet Piling
Pilings used to hold back dirt during excavation, constructed of corrugated steel, sometimes combined with wood.
Sheet Siding
Building siding which is in sheet form rather than individual boards.

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