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Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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Staple Gun
Device, electric, manual or air powered, which drives stapes into a material, such as wood.
Fasteners for materials that are shaped like the letter U.
Stapling Hammer
Hammer shaped device that places and drives staples into a surface when the head is struck against that surface.
Star Drill
Hand-held drill, with a cutting end shaped like an X with the center of the X being slightly pointed, which is used to cut through rock. The drill turns slightly each time it is hit by a sledge hammer, while it is being held against the rock, forcing the rock to split eventually.
Starker Transaction
Refers to a delayed (tax-free) exchange.
Splitting across the growth rings in a log, reaching from the center out toward the circumference, limiting the usable wood in the log.
Start Rate
Referred to as a teaser rate, it's the starting interest rate of an adjustable rate loan. This rate usually lasts between one and twelve months, then the rate increases based on prearranged criteria.
  1. Automatic switch, in a fluorescent lamp, which triggers the ballast.
  2. Switching device that starts and stops a motor.
Starter Course
The first row of brick laid or the first row of shingles at an eave line.
Starter Home
A house that is generally of lower than average price and is often purchased as a first home
Starter Strip
  1. Strip of wood that is nailed to the outside of the framing to form a base for the siding to fasten onto.
  2. First row of roofing, at an eave line, when applying roof shingles.
Starting Tap
A threaded tool with a tapered end, which makes it easier to start cutting the internal threads in a hole easier. When the tapered end is inserted into the hole, shallow starting cuts are created by the first threads on the tap.
State Housing Act
Law of the state that establishes guidelines and requirements for construction of buildings. The standard may differ from state to state.
Statement of Consideration
Enumeration of the consideration given by each party to a contract, which in some cases must be in written form to be enforceable. The statute of fraud requires that all contracts for the sale of real estate be in writing.
  1. Electrical discharges in the atmosphere that interfere with radio or television reception.
  2. Not moving or progressing. At rest. Inactive. Stationary.
Static Load
Acting through weight only. Downward pressure exerted by a motionless body or mass.
Static Pressure
The stable pressure in an HVAC air duct that occurs when the system is on, the fan blower is running and the pressure reaches an equilibrium point with the air flow and pressure remaining constant. Static pressure is measured by use of a manometer, in inches of water, which indicate how many inches of water the pressure can sustain at a stead state.
Static Pressure Curve
Manufacturer's graph which helps engineers match the fans and HVAC systems, by showing the relationship between the static output pressure of a fan and its output volume at a specific speed.
Static Pressure Regain
When the forward moving velocity of air in an HVAC duct decreases, the system static pressure increases.
Station Numbers
Numbers given to stakes that are used to mark distance along the ground when grading or excavating.
Stationary Window
Window that does not open or close.
  1. Position of an item.
  2. Condition of real estate.
  3. Legal standing of a case
  4. Degree of completion or accomplishment.
Status Quo
Existing state of affairs at a particular time.
Law established by an act of legislature; civil or criminal.
Statute of Frauds
A state law that provides that certain contracts must be in writing in order to be enforceable. With respect to real estate, negotiations and preliminary agreements may be oral but the final agreement must be in writing.
Statute of Limitations
A specified statutory period in which prosecution or suit must be brought against a person, after which any action will be barred.
Statutory Dedication
The owners of a subdivision or other property file a plat that results in a grant of public property, such as the streets in a development.
Statutory Foreclosure
A foreclosure proceeding not conducted under court supervision as contrasted with Judicial foreclose, which is.
Statutory Liens
Charges resulting in involuntary encumbrances against real estate derived from legislated law rather than from debts owed to organizations or individuals.
Statutory Redemption Period
Limited period of time granted by state law to an individual who has had his or her property foreclosed on and sold to regain possession of the property by repaying the debt that was defaulted upon.
Statutory Right of Redemption
The legal right of a mortgagor to redeem the property after it has been sold at a foreclosure sale. The right is granted by state law for a limited period of time, depending on the state.
Stay-in-place Forms
Forms for pouring concrete, which remain in place as part of the structure.
Steam Cleaning
Using pressurized steam to clean an item, such as concrete or brick.
Steam Hammer, Double Acting
Pile driving hammer, which is both, raised and the drop accelerated by use of steam, which gives it more force than a single acting steam hammer.
Steam Hammer, Single Acting
Pile driving hammer, which is raised by use of steam but left to drop by gravity.
Steam Heating
Type of HVAC system that creates steam by heating water in a pressurized boiler and circulating the heat through pipes and radiators to heat surrounding area. When the steam cools, it becomes water and moves back down the pipes and into the boiler.
Steam Shovel
Earth moving machine that is powered by steam.
Steam Trap
Apparatus that is used to drain water from a steam line while preventing steam from flowing through the trap.
A hard, tough metal composed of iron alloyed with various small percentages of carbon and often other metals such as nickel, chromium, manganese, etc. to produce hardness and resistance to rusting. Carbon Steel is controlled by its carbon content. Alloy Steel is controlled by alloying elements, which are added to increase its corrosion resistance and high temperature strength, instead of the carbon content.
Steel Beam
Structural steam beam with a letter I shaped cross-section. I-beams are used for support with long spans such as basement beams or over wide openings. I-beams should always be slightly larger than the calculated size, ensuring enough strength for the weight it will support.
Steel Construction
Building with its main structure of steel, which is used for very large or tall buildings.
Steel Framing
Construction method used on commercial buildings, consisting of studs and rafters of shaped structural steel.
Steel Wool
Steel fibers, in different degrees of coarseness, which are formed into a pad that resembles wool fibers. Steel wood can be used for such diverse applications as cleaning metal or smoothing wood.
Steep Land
Land located on a precipice; the opposite of flat land.
A tower that rises above the main structure of a building, such as a church.
An illegal practice of limiting the housing shown to a certain group, because of race, religion or ethnic origin.
Metal alloy of chromium, cobalt and tungsten that is hard and brittle. Stellite is its trade name.
Stemming a Hole
Backfilling pieces of rock into a blasting charge hole, to direct the blast, after the charge is placed.
  1. A thin sheet of paper or metal that is perforated or cut through so that, when a paint or ink is applied to the sheet, the patterns, letters, etc. appear on the surface beneath, having seeped through the perforations.
  2. The pattern made by stenciling.

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