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Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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Solar Collector or Panel
Panels which are used to capture sunlight to turn it into energy so that it can be used to heat a structure, pool, etc. Collectors consist of a variety of types but, in all, the water is pumped through and absorbs the heat from the tubes or panels. This hot water is stores in an insulated tank for use.
Solar Heating
Heating method of energy gained from sunlight by use of special glass panels.
Solar Storage
The hot water gained by solar energy is usually stored in an insulated tank. Block wall systems or block floor systems which absorb solar heat and pass the hot air to a thermal storage area in the walls or roof are other types of storage. Fans and ducting pass the hot air through the cores in the walls and floor when temperatures drop.
Solar Water Heater
Water heater which uses the sun as an energy source, consisting of a solar panel to absorb the heat for the water in the system, an insulated tank to hold the water with a pump to circulate the water, along with a drain to empty the solar panels during cold temperatures.
Metal alloys which have low melting points. Used to bond metals together. Solder has a liquid point of 450 degrees centigrade or 840 degrees Fahrenheit, or less.
Process where melted solder metal creates a bond between two other metals, joining them together with heat.
Soldering Gun
Electric gun-shaped tool with a shank and soldering tip, in place of a barrel, which is heated by resistance heating and is used to heat the solder to the proper temperature to melt the metal alloy.
Soldering Iron
Straight shank tool with a soldering tip on one end and a handle on the other, which may be heated electronically or by a torch or other source.
Solderless Connector
Also referred to as a wire nut or pressure connector, often made of plastic, it joins two or more stripped electrical wires together, by twisting, without the need for soldering. The tapered spring or threads in a wire nut hold the ends of the wires that are to be joined. see also Wire Connector.
Brick set vertically on end.
Soldier Course
Brick course set vertically on end, exposing the narrow edge.
Soldier's and Sailor's Civil Relief Act
Federal law protecting someone in active service from bank foreclosure of their property that was bought before entering the armed services.
Sole Ownership
Sole proprietorship. Business owned by one person having all the rights and obligations.
Sole Plate
Bottom horizontal part of a frame wall on which the studs sit.
Sole Proprietorship
Sole ownership. Business owned by one person having all the rights and obligations.
Linear electric motor made of a coil with a shaft inside which moves when electric current touches the coil and is used for many purposes, among them opening and closing valves.
Solid Brick
Brick which has an area on which a load can rest of at least 75 percent of the total face area.
Solid Bridging
Solid wood blocks that are placed between floor joists for distribution of concentrated loads.
Solid-core Door
Door with a solid interior.
Solid Masonry Wall
Masonry wall of 75 percent solid units with mortar at all joints.
Solid Square
Metal straightedge that has a nonmetal handle at a right angle to the metal blade . Also called a T-square, the 90-degree inside angle is used to verify square corners in cabinetry, etc.
Solid Top
Concrete unit with a solid top, which is good for use as a bearing surface.
Solid Wire
Single conductor electric wire as opposed to a stranded wire of multiple conductors.
Able to be dissolved and to pass into a solution.
  1. Financial ability to be able to pay any debts.
  2. Chemical compound that is used for cleaning, thinning, dissolving, etc.
Soot Pocket
Chimney flue bottom space where accumulated soot can be removed through a cleanout door.
Sound Insulation
Material that resists the transmission of sound.
Sound Transmission
The ability of a solid, gas or liquid to transmit sound.
Special board placed under the sheetrock (wallboard) to attempt to soundproof the wall.
  1. To insulate against sound transmission.
  2. Something that is not affected by sound transmission.
Hot lead used to seal cast iron joints.
South Colonial
Early American architectural style, elaborately built in a symmetrical way, with columns and a colonnade extending across the front covered by the roof. Normally, this type of home has 3 floors and a gabled roof.

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