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Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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Step Flashing
Used where a roof slope meets a vertical wall or chimney, step flashing is a series of short sections of flashing bent at right angles across the center, making half of the flashing on the roof and half up the wall. As the pieces are placed, they overlap the upper edge of the section below, preventing leaks between a wall and roof.
Step Jig
A board with steps cut in its edge is the type of jig that is needed to cut a taper on a table saw. While the straight side of the board lays on the rip fence, the corner of the board to be cut on a taper lays in the notch formed by the step on the jig, which holds it at an angle to the rip fence. When the jig moves along the fence, the board, which is at an angle to the fence, is also at an angle t the saw blade that allows it to be cut at an angle.
Step Ladder
A-shaped, self-supporting ladder which has two sets of hinged supports. The supports meet a the top and are held together by collapsible hinges. Rungs for stepping may be on one or both sides. The sides of the ladder collapse together for ease of movement and storage.
Step Loan
Type of adjustable rate mortgage for which the interest rate is adjusted only once during the term of the loan. Therefore, the loan shares some of the features of both fixed rate and adjustable loans.
Step-up Lease
Lease that incorporates increases in agreed-on payments over the term of the lease contract. For example, a particular step-up lease may require that the lessee pay a 10% increase each year over the 5-year term of the lease.
Step-rate Mortgage
Loan which allows a gradual increase in the interest rate during the initial years of the loan.
Stepped Footing
Perimeter foundation of a building, used when the ground slopes, which has the footing descending in step-like sections, which are located on solid earth below the level of the frost line.
Stepped-up Basis
An increase in the income tax basis of a property that is a result of a tax-free exchange. As a result of an inheritance, for example, the basis of the inherited property was stepped up to its current market value.
Stigmatized Property
Property with an undesirable reputation, which can be due to problems on the site or nearby.
Stick Built
Structure built on site from individual wood studs and other structural members.
Stick Built Roof
Roof built on site with individual members rather than using trusses or other sections that are manufactured elsewhere.
Stiff Mortar
Mortar without much water.
Stiff Mud Brick
Brick composed of clay with a 12 to 15 percent moisture content.
A negative image; a mark or a sign indicating that something is not standard or normal.
Vertical sections of a door or window sash.
Stillson Wrench
Adjustable wrench, also called a pipe wrench, has serrated jaw surfaces to grip pipe and a movable jaw, at an slight angle to the fixed jaw, so that the angle increases the jaws' grip on the pipe, when it pivots slightly as force is exerted on the handle.
  1. Sticks, with footrests inside, used by plasterers and sheet rock workers, to reach the upper parts of a wall.
  2. Posts that support a structure off of the ground.
A vibrator used for concrete.
Stipple Finish
Closely spaced raised bumps, which are used to texture surfaces. Ceilings and walls are often done with a special brush or roller and texturing compound.
Conditions and terms written into a contract.
  1. Support for the end of a joist or beam and used to connect it to another heavy member of a structure.
  2. Metal bar used to resist diagonal tension in concrete reinforcement.
  1. Material that is standard in size.
  2. Material or supplies on hand.
Stock in Trade
Inventory that is marketed and sold by an entity.
Stock of Housing
Number of housing units of a particular category that are available.
Stockade Stake Fence
Peeled straight conifer branches which have rounded top faces and which are vertically attached, to fence rails.
Stone Anchor
Metal device which fastens stone to masonry.
Person who works with masonry materials and stone.
Flat area at the bottom of a window opening, between the jambs, where the bottom sash rests.
Stairs or porch, usually raised, by the front door of a house.
  1. Molding on the inside of a window jamb, which holds the sash.
  2. Structural piece that limits the travel of an object at a pre- selected point.
Stop and Drain Fitting
A plug-type valve, used to tap into a water main to control the flow to a branch line, which has a side opening to shut off the water flow and allow it to drain back from the isolated portion of the line so that pipe can be drained so they don't freeze.
Stop Clause
Provision in a lease agreement that indicates the maximum amount f operating expenditures that must be incurred by the landlord in a given year. Any amount incurred in excess of this amount must be paid by the lessee.
Stop Notice
Notification to a bank that they should not pay a check when presented at the bank. There is a charge for this.
Stop Work Order
Written statement from a Building Inspector, to halt work on a project until stated corrections are made.
Valve that opens and closes by means of a tapered plug, to control water or gas flow.
Store Decisis
Legal practice followed in the American and English judicial systems of following the precedents of former decisions in deciding new cases. The application of his doctrine has not only enhanced the uniformity and stability of the law through out the county, but has also enabled the courts to be more efficient by providing guidelines for current cases.
Storm Door
Door that provides insulation and weather protection and is usually installed outside of a wooden exterior door. Windowpanes and screens may be interchangeable to provide ventilation in warmer weather.
Storm Sewer
Sewer system, built into the street, to accommodate the excess water flow of heavy storms without backing up or flooding.
Storm Window
A window installed, for additional protection in cold weather, over an ordinary window.
One of the floors of a building.
Story Pole
Board or rod, marked along its length with graduated increments. which is used to check repetitious measurements.
Stove Bolt
Steel fastener with a threaded shaft and square or round head, which is used in low stress applications.

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