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Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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Side Clearance Angle
The measurement, in degrees, of the amount that the front edge of a metal lathe cutting tool bit deviates from plumb.
Side Cut
  1. A chamfer cut along the wide part of a board end, allowing the board to fit securely against another framing member at an angle, like at the end of a hip rafter, also called a cheek cut.
  2. Felling a leaning tree by making cuts, part way through the trunk, on each side of the tree prior to making the back cut.
Side Cutters
Plier-like nail and wire cutters, whose cutting edges are on the side of the head, parallel to the handles.
Side Hook Approach
The distance that remains between a wall and a hook where it can come closest to touching the wall. Since a bridge crane hook is attached by a cable around a drum, at the center of the trolley, and moves back and forth with the trolley along the bridge, the hook does not reach the wall when the trolley reaches it. Therefore, there is always space that the hook cannot cover from this approach.
Side Jamb
Side parts found on a door or window frame.
Side Rake
Horizontal slope at the cutting edge of a lathe tool bit, taken at a 90-degree angle to the axis of the tool.
Tall, narrow windows, which admit light, along the sides of a door.
Paved walkway running along the sides of a street.
Any variety of materials used as final covering on the exterior of a house. Siding provides insulation and makes the exterior of the home more attractive. Materials such as aluminum or vinyl siding eliminate the need for repeated painting.
Siding, Bevel
Wedge shaped boards, installed so that each board is lapped over the edge of the board below.
Siding, Dolly Varden
Bevel siding, which is a wedge shaped board, installed so that each board is lapped over the edge of the board below, that has the addition of an L-shaped cutout at the edge or side of the wedge, overlapping the top of the board below.
Siding, Drop
Tongue and groove joint siding that is available in a variety of patterns.
Siding, Shiplap
Siding board that has an L-shaped cutout at the top and bottom of each piece so that they overlap and fit tightly against the adjoining piece.
Sight Line
Visible area that can be readily seen by outside traffic and is very important for a commercial business.
  1. A sign given by gesture, red flag, flashing lights, warning sound, etc. used to convey a command, direction, warning, etc.
  2. A sign, understood to be the occasion for a prearranged combined action.
  3. Indicator which gives an alert that a device is in operation.
Silent Partner
Partner who remains anonymous but has legal rights and obligations.
A hard glassy material found in quartz, sand, opal, which is often used in the manufacture of a variety of refractory brick.
Silica Gel
Moisture absorbing compound used to absorb unwanted moisture
A non-metallic chemical element, occurring in several forms and found always in combination and more abundant in nature than any other element except oxygen, with which it combines to for silica, and which makes up more than 25 percent of the earth's crust. It is used in the manufacture of solar cells, transistors, silicones, semi-conductors, ceramics, etc. Symbol, Si. Atomic number 14. Atomic weight, 28.086.
Silicon Bronze Conduit
Silicon bronze, corrosion resistant conduit.
Silicon Carbide
Hard abrasive used in grinding wheels, abrasive papers, etc.
Silicon Controlled Rectifier
Semi-conductor device which is small, efficient and operable at relatively high temperatures to convert AC current to DC current. The two ways it does this are, arranging the circuit so that both halves of the AC current flow in the same direction, which is called full-wave rectification or by suppressing the reverse direction of current flow, called half-wave rectification.
Silicon-oxygen polymers, which are, used when manufacturing caulking and sealing compounds and lubricants.
Silicone Rubber Group
Flexible silicone rubber ceramic grout which is moisture and mildew resistant.
  1. Bottom of a frame, such as in a window or door.
  2. Horizontal board that is fastened to the top of a foundation wall with anchor bolts and is also called a sill plate.
Sill Block
Solid concrete masonry blocks that are used for sills and openings.
Sill Cock
Exterior faucet connection, to provide water, for hoses, etc.
Sill Course
Narrow, horizontal, decorative brick course which projects slightly from the rest of the masonry, such as with windowsills.
Sill Plate
Horizontal piece of wood that is placed on top of a foundation and fastened with anchor bolts. It is also called a sill cock.
Sill Sealer
Material used to seal gaps between the foundation and the sill plate.
White, metallic chemical element that is extremely ductile and malleable, capable of a high polish and the best metal conductor of heat and electricity. Atomic Symbol, Ag. Atomic Number, 47. Atomic Weight, 107.87.
Silver Brazing
Brazing with a silver alloy to add a fine finish to decorative items.
Silver Solder
Solder which contains silver to increase conductivity of electrical connections.

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