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Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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Stab Rod
Metal rod that measures the thickness of freshly laid asphalt. The movable collar stop is adjusted to the required depth before the rod is inserted into the asphalt.
Stab Saw
Hacksaw blade with a small handle. It is used in tight places.
Roughening brickwork to provide a good surface for plaster.
Stable Mortgage
Mortgage loan instrument that combines fixed and adjustable rates in the same loan. The rate applied to the loan is a blend of a fixed rate and a rate that varies according to an index. The loan is a creation of General Electric Capital Mortgage Service, Inc. and FNMA.
Economic policies designed to reduce the fluctuation in the business cycle such as those used by the Federal Reserve. Alternately, the control over rental property exercised by the government, in some areas, which places restrictions on amounts able to be charged.
Term coined in the 1970's, increasing prices during a slowdown in economic activity.
  1. Vertical piping.
  2. Chimney or vertical vent.
Stack Bond
Pattern of laying brick so that each course of stretchers is directly lined up with the adjacent courses so that all vertical joints are in line.
Stack Cutting
Cutting several stacked pieces of material at one time.
Stacked Window
Several casement, hopper, awning, etc. windows that are combined in one large glass area as a design feature and to provide more adequate lighting.
Stack Vent
  1. Soil or waste stack that extends through the roof of a building.
  2. Soil or waste stack that is above the highest horizontal drain emptying into the stack.
Stack Venting
Fixture drains connected directly to a vent stack in a building drainage system rather than connected to the header that is connected to the stack.
Stadia Hairs, Lines, or Wires
Horizontal lines set above and below the center hair of a transit lens, which are used with a stadia rod, relating the hairs to the marks on the stadia rod to determine distances.
Stadia Rod
The rod that is located at the point of interest, which is sighted through the transit, to determine distances in a survey. This rod has graduated measurement in feet and tenths of a foot.
Stadia Surveying
Surveying to determine distances by use of a stadia Rod and a transit with stadia Hairs. The transit is used to sight the stadia rod and then establishes the distance measurement by aligning the graduations on the rod with the stadia lines on the transit lens.
Staggered Stud Partition
Wall structure that uses top and bottom framing pieces called plates, of a wider size that that of the studs that are nailed to it. The studs alternate from one side of the plate to the other, increasing noise insulation since vibrations are not passed through as they are when there are common studs, touching each side. With these offset studs, the drywall panels, on each side of the wall, are fastened to different sets of studs.
  1. Coloring of dyes in a drying oil or water base which is used as both a protective and ornamental covering for certain materials.
  2. A discoloration or change in pigment.
Stained Glass
Glass which is colored in a number of ways such as by enameling, by burning pigment into the surface, by fusing metal oxides into it, etc. and is used for decorative windows.
Stainless Steel
A corrosion-resistant steel alloy containing nickel and/or chrome in combination with small amounts of other elements.
  1. A flight of steps; a staircase.
  2. A single step, usually in a series of steps, leading from one level of floor to another.
Stair Carriage
Often called a stringer, it is the angled structure on which the walking surfaces of the stairs, called treads, are supported.
Stair Gauge
Metal clamps, which are used in pairs, when laying out stairway stringers for treads and risers. They are tightened onto a framing square and tightened into place so that they can be used for identical measurements to be made.
Stair Landing
The landing at the bottom and/or top of a staircase providing support for the structure.
Stair Riser
The vertical boards that are between the stairway treads.
Stair Run
  1. One step width.
  2. Horizontal distance of a flight of stairs.
Stair Step
A stair tread.
A series of steps that lead from one level of floor to another.
A series of steps, leading from one level of floor to another, including any landings between the floors.
Stairway, Closed-string
Stairway enclosed by walls on each side.
Stairway, Housed
Staircase which uses rabbet joints, which are L-shaped cutouts at the edges of materials which allow pieces to fit flush against each other. These are then both glued and nailed, ensuring that the stairway will not have squeaks or dirt filled joints.
Stairway, Open-string
Stairway with one side a wall and the other a railing with balusters.
The vertical shaft in a building containing a staircase.
A length of wood or metal which is pointed on one end for driving into the ground to mark a boundary, support a plant, etc.
Staking Out an Area
Setting out surveyors' stakes and string in the location of planned excavation to mark it off.
  1. A mark used to grade or identify an item.
  2. Small, glue-backed piece of paper which shows that postage has been paid or a tax has been collected.
  3. To imprint or cut out by bringing a form forcibly against a material.
  4. The form that is used to imprint or out on material.
Stand Oil
Heat thickened oil used to finish furniture. Tung and Linseed are two types of this oil.
An established level for use as a rule or basis for comparison in measuring or judging capacity, quantity, content, value, quality, etc., which helps to insure that minimum requirements are met.
Standard Brick
Brick, 3 5/8 x 2 ¼ x 8 inches.
Standard Modular Brick
Brick, 2 2/3 x 4 x 8 inches.
Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA)
One or more counties having a population of at least 50,000. see also Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area.
Standard of Living
The quality of life enjoyed by a person depending on factors such as spendable income, housing conditions, health and education.
Standard Payment Calculation
Method of calculating that determines the monthly payment needed to repay the balance of a mortgage in equal installments.
A person or thing that can be depended on to serve or be put into service, when needed.
Standby Commitment
Commitment by a lender to make available a sun of money at specified terms for a specified period for the financing of a project. The borrower pays a fee for the privilege of either executing the loan or allowing the commitment to lapse.
Standby Fee
The sum required by a lender to provide a standby commitment. The fee is forfeited if the loan is not closed within a specific time.
Standby Loan
Short-term loan that is made to bridge the term between the end of one loan and the beginning of another. Also called a bridge loan.
Standby Power Generator
Electrical generator that is used to supply electricity when there is a failure in the primary electrical supply. The generator is powered by an internal combustion engine.
Standing Seam Metal Roof
Metal roofing panels that are fastened with interlocking seams that fold over at right angles to the plane of the panels. The panels comes in two types, some that are folded and crimped together during installation and some have already folded seams that are slid together.
  1. Open vertical pipe that receives water from an automatic washing machine.
  2. The vertical pipe run supplying water to a fire sprinkler system.

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