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Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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A financially binding guaranty assuring that an obligation or contractual agreement will be fulfilled by the guarantor.
Guarantee Mortgage
Loan that is guaranteed by a third party, for example a government institution.
Guaranteed Payment Loan
Assurance that a loan's financial obligation will be secured by a third party.
Guaranteed Sales Program
Real estate brokerage program that purchases the seller's equity if a property does not sell during a certain period of time.
Promise to uphold a guarantor's contractual and financial obligation in the event of default.
Any device that protects against injury or loss.
One who is appointed to administer the personal affairs and property of an individual who is incompetent.
Guardian's Deed
Deed used to convey property of a minor or legally incompetent person.
A gate hinge section, often called a hinge pintle socket, which is a horizontal rod that has a hole for a vertical pin (pintle) to pass through and pivot. The one end of the rod is secured to a wall or gate post with the pin being part of a L-shaped unit, one leg of which is connected to a gate or door. The hinging mechanism for the gate is made up of the gudgeon and pintle together.
Guide Coat
A coat of the finish cover, such as paint, which is applied prior to the final coat.
Guideline Lives
Expected period of benefit used to depreciate business property, plant and equipment as developed by the industry involved or the IRS.
Blue topped, wooden stake, which is used to mark for grading. Also called blue top.
Guinea Hopper
Person who signals to the grading machine operator whether there is a need to cut or fill, as indicated when the guinea stake is located.
The space between the teeth in a saw blade.
Sticky, viscous, carbohydrate found in liquid form in plants and certain trees, which dries into an uncrystallized, brittle mass that dissolves or swells in water.
Gum Arabic
Water-soluble gum, which is obtained from several African acacias, which is used as an adhesive or binder in certain paints.
Gum Spot or Streak
Spot on a board where the gum has concentrated.
Trademark name for shotcrete, which is sprayed-on concrete often used in swimming pools or to prevent soil erosion by reinforcing a bank of earth.
Used to prevent moisture loss from concrete during curing, this coarse jute cloth is wetted than placed as a cover.
Wood or metal plate which attaches together two structural members to transfer the load between them.
  1. Horizontal channels which are installed at the edge of a roof to carry rainwater away from the house.
  2. Indentation at the curb of a street, which gathers water.
Cable, rope, chain, etc. attached to something to steady or guide it, by providing lateral stability.
Gyp Board
Gypsum Wallboard.
A hydrated sulfite of calcium, used to make plaster of Paris, to treat soil, or as the core for drywall.
Gypsum Block
Building blocks of fire-resistant gypsum, which can be used in non-weight bearing situations.
Gypsum Board
Wallboard consisting of layers of gypsum and paper, used in walls and partitions as a substitute for plaster.
Gypsum Concrete
Combined mixture of gypsum, water and other aggregates.
Gypsum Coreboard
Gypsum panels with V-shaped tongue-and-groove edges, which are one-inch thick and used in solid gypsum partitions.
Gypsum Formboard
Gypsum panels that are intended for use as forms for roof decks of gypsum concrete.
Gypsum Lath
Designed as a backing for plaster, this gypsum wallboard usually has holes or perforations through which plaster can seep to form keys but can have either a solid or perforated face.
Gypsum Partition Blocks
Two to six inch thick blocks used as the core for solid gypsum partitions.
Gypsum Planks
Roofing members of two-inch thick, tongue and groove edged, steel reinforced gypsum, with galvanized wire matting in the planks.
Gypsum Plaster
Normally known as plaster of paris, this gypsum powder is used as a base coat plaster.
Gypsum Sheathing
Water repellent gypsum wallboard used as a base for finish exterior siding.
Gypsum Wallboard
Wallboard consisting of layers of gypsum and paper, used in walls and partitions as a substitute for plaster.
A wheel mounted in a ring so that its axis is free to turn in any direction; when spun rapidly, it will keep its original plane of rotation no matter which way the ring is turned, maintaining equilibrium.

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