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Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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  1. A toothed wheel or disk, which is designed to mesh with another by interlocking.
  2. System of two or more gears meshed together so that the motion of one is passed to the others.
  3. Chain driven mechanism that transmits motion and power when it turns.
Gear Ratio
The proportional relationship of two different sized gears that are in contact with each other.
Gear Train
Series of gears that can be meshed together in different combinations to change the mechanical advantage between the input and output shafts.
The enclosure that surrounds the gear train.
Mechanism in a vehicle that selects the gears in the transmission.
A gear.
Top coat of resin when forming a fiberglass shape. The resin is applied in a layering of fiberglass mat and resin in a mold.
Gel Coat
Final finish, which is used on many plastic fixtures since it can be easily repaired when it is scratched.
Growing Equity Mortgage - a mortgage loan in which the payment is increased by a specific amount each year, with the additional payment amount applied to principal retirement. As a result of the added principal retirement, the maturity of the loan is significantly shorter than a comparable level-payment mortgage.
General Contractor
Contractor who assumes responsibility for completing a construction project, under contract to the owner, and hires, supervises and pays all subcontractors.
General Lien
A lien that includes all of the property owned by the debtor, rather than a specific property and may be obtained either through a judgment lien, where the court issues a judgment, a lien by creditors on an estate, or through federal and state tax liens.
General Partner
The managing partner of a limited partnership who is in charge of its operations and has unlimited liability. All partners in an ordinary partnership are general partners. A limited partnership must have one general partner.
General Purpose Circuit
Electric circuit supplying a number of outlets for lighting or appliances.
General Warranty Deed
A deed in which the grantor agrees to protect the grantee against any other claim to title of the property. The covenants assure good title, freedom from encumbrances and quiet enjoyment.
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
Set of rules considered standard and acceptable by Certified Public Accountants.
  1. Machine for producing gas or steam.
  2. Machine whose conductor moves through a magnetic field and converts mechanical energy into electrical energy when the device is rotated.
  3. A dynamo.
The rehabilitation of low-income housing into higher income housing, which results in the displacement of lower-income residents and generally occurs when an older neighborhood is revitalized.
Geodesic Dome
Round structure constructed of lightweight bars forming a grid of polygons.
Geodetic Survey
Survey that takes into consideration the curve of the earth.
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
A computer mapping program where land characteristics and/or demographic information are color coded and often overlaid. The purpose is to determine locations of certain activity.
Science dealing with the surface of the earth, its division into continents and countries, along with the climate, animals, plants, inhabitants, resources and industries of the various places.
The magnetic properties of the earth.
Branch of mathematics dealing with points, lines, surfaces and solids to examine their properties, measurements and mutual relations in space.
Georgian Style
Popular 18th century style featuring a symmetrical façade, a prominent front entrance and quoins (decorative blocks of masonry or wood which are set in the corners of the house). This classic style has two to three stories.
Plaster surface that has been prepared for painting by being coated with glue or another type of material.
A spring from which columns of boiling water and steam gush into the air at intervals.
A ground fault circuit interrupter is a safety device to protect against electrical shock by cutting off the flow of electricity when there is even a slight stray of current leakage.
Shadowy appearance, which shows as a defect on the surface of paint.

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