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Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

Ra - Ran - Re - Rec - Red - Ren - Rep - Ret - Ri - Ro - Ros
A structural reinforcement that projects above a surface.
Rich Lime
Also called fat lime, or quick lime, calcium oxide (CaO) is a caustic lime that is created by burning a pure or nearly pure limestone. It is mixed with water, making it putty-like in substance, and is used in finish coats of plastering
Rich Mortar
Expensive mortar mix containing a high proportion of cement used when extra strength is required.
Ride the Brush
Slang painting term meaning to push down too hard on the brush.
An amendment or attachment to a contract or a modification to an insurance policy.
An edge, such as in a roof, where different sloping surfaces connect. The high point of a roof. Alternately, an elevation of land.
Ridge Board
Horizontal board that serves as a support in the highest point of the roof structure.
Ridge Cap
A continuous metal structure designed to cover the ridge of a roof.
Ridge Course
The course of roofing shingles running closest to the ridge.
Ridge Cut
A cut in a rafter at the ridge end.
Ridge Vent
Vent, allowing moisture to escape, which is located along the ridge board of the roof.
An uneven joint between sheets of drywall, usually resulting from expansion and contraction caused by excessive humidity.
Lines used by a crane to lift loads.
A just claim to power or privilege or something that belongs to a person by law, nature or tradition, etc. Alternately, the claim of a person or entity to property by exercising an option.
Right Angle
A 90-degree angle.
Right Angle Drill
A drill designed to drill holes at a 90-degree angle, used to facilitate access to difficult areas.
Right of Access
The right of a property owner to go to and return from an adjoining street without interference.
Right of Courtesy
The legal right of a spouse to a life estate in all lands owned by a deceased spouse.
Right of Dower
Rights of a widow whose husband died intestate (without a will) to the use of all his lands and possessions for the support of herself and her children. Upon her dissent of the will, the widow is entitled to one-third of all of the assets of the estate of her deceased husband. This right is established in most states and significantly altered in other.
Right of Entry
Right to begin usage, for living purposes or construction, of property in the process of being purchased.
Right of First Refusal
A right to buy or rent a piece of property, before it is placed on the open market, which is given to a person by the owner of the property.
Right of Redemption
Borrower's right to redeem property taken in foreclosure by immediately paying off the loan balance and any related costs. The right of a bankruptcy debtor to recover personal property under lien by making restitution to the creditor.
Right to Rescind
The option to cancel a contract that was previously agreed upon.
Right of Rescission
Right to cancel, within three business days, a contract that uses the home of a person as collateral, except in the case of a first mortgage loan.
Right of Subrogation
Substitution of one entity or person for another if both have the same rights and obligations.
Right of Survivorship
Survival right of a person when that person has an interest in the property of another, such as in a tenancy by the entirety.
Right of Way
A right, which is given by the property owner, allowing others to use or to pass through his property.
Right to Rescission
Provision of the Truth in Lending Act, giving borrowers the right to cancel certain types of loans within three days of signing.
Right Triangle
A triangle where one of the three angles is 90 degrees.
Not flexible.
Rigid Base Diaphragm
A reinforced concrete slab.
Rigid Brick Paving
Bricks laid in a bed of mortar for a patio, driveway, or other ground level constructions.
Rigid Conduit
Safety covering for electrical wiring using stiff pipe.
The edge of a fixture or container.
Ring Shank
Nails with rings around the shanks, designed for increased gripping power.
To cut a piece of lumber parallel to the grain.
On the bank of a body of water.
Riparian Owner
Owner who has rights to water on his land and a reasonable right to water that flows through his property from an adjacent site.
Riparian Rights
The right of one owner to use a river, stream or lake that borders his property.
Rippable Rock
Rock that can be broken up and moved without the need for blasting.
An attachment used on excavation equipment for cutting through rock and difficult ground.
An uneven finished surface.
Stones used as fill.
A handsaw designed for ripping (cutting parallel to the grain) lumber.
  1. The increase in height over a certain distance. Often stated along with run to describe the steepness of a roof or other sloped surface.
  2. The vertical height of a staircase. Alternately, the height of an individual step.
  1. Vertical boards behind the steps of a stairway going upward.
  2. Vertical water supply pipe.
Riser Diagram
A basic design document showing electrical wiring and devices.
Uncertainty or variability. A chance of loss. As to real estate, the fluctuation in sales or profits and the likelihood of declining value.
Risk-Free Rate
Interest rate on the safest investments such as federal government obligations.
A metal fastener used to permanently hold two pieces of material together. The rivet is inserted through holes in the material and the end is deformed to hold it in place.
Rivet Hammer
A hammer used to tighten rivets against the material they are holding.
Rivet Set
A metal tool used with a rivet hammer to secure a rivet in place by deforming the end.

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