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Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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Pancake Box
Shallow, flat, round electrical box, which is used to mount where the wall is very thin and a deeper octagonal box, cannot fit.
Window glass section.
  1. The electrical distribution box where the fuses, circuit breakers and terminals and to which the household wiring is connected.
  2. Wood or wood veneer in thin flat section for covering walls or floors.
  3. Any thin flat material used in construction.
Panel Board
  1. Depressed or raised framed in a portion of a wall, ceiling or door. A panel board pattern is decorative and gives the effect of a series of highlighted squares or rectangular pieces.
  2. Site where the electrical service is connected to the wiring and the circuit breakers are mounted. Panel board is the site where three wires from the service entrance conduit are connected to three bus bars in the panel. Two are hot and one is neutral.
Panel Bowing
Installation defect when drywall is forced into a space not large enough for the panel, causing it to bow and not allowing it to lay flat. It must be trimmed and refitted.
Panel Box
Also called a service panel or load distribution center, this electrical panel houses circuit protection devices, which route circuits through the building.
Panel Brick
Eight inch square, (actual size 7 5/8") or twelve inch square, (actual size 11 5/8" brick) X 3 5/8" thick. Normally used only when the size and shape are needed for appearance.
Panel Clip
H shaped metal clip that fastens the edges of two plywood panels in between the structural supports.
Panel Door
Door whose cross and vertical members are exposed with decorative wood or glass panels in the spaces.
Panel Fence
Fence composed of a post and rail frame with panels of plywood or fiberglass.
Panel Heating
Heating system hidden behind special panels, the walls or the ceiling. Can use electric heating elements, hot air or hot water pipes.
Panel Hoist
Mechanism to lift and hold ceiling panels during installation.
Paneled Construction
Building components that are manufactured off of the job site and brought to it for assembly.
Pieces of wood or wood-like material that is applied as a finish to a wall or ceiling.
Panelized Brick Masonry
Reinforced and size limited brick masonry sections that are assembled at a different location from the use location. The use of these sections, which are also called prefabricated brick masonry or sectionalized brick masonry, on site labor costs.
Panel Lifter
Device with a flat, short bar on it's built in pivot point, which is used to life panels into position for installation by putting one end of the bar under the bottom and pressing on the lever to raise the panel.
Panel Saw
Wood panel cutting hand saw with a fine tooth edge.
Panel Siding
Used in both vertical and horizontal siding installation, it's a form of tongue and groove board.
  1. Length of S shaped clay roofing tile that is installed to overlap.
  2. Length of semi-circular (half pipe shaped) clay roofing, installed concave side up, overlapping the adjacent tiles.
Tool that appears as two large side-by-side X's, which are attached at the points. The unconnected upper and lower points of one X are secured in place and the lower unconnected point of the opposite X holds a pen or pencil. If the connected lower point of the two X's traces a drawing, the attached pen or pencil duplicates the drawing.
Storage area for non-perishable food items.
Amount received, by a seller of real estate, in the form of a mortgage or note rather than cash.
Paper Profit
An increase in value above original cost or basis that would be realized if he property were sold. Until a sale occurs, the increased value is not recognized in the accounts. When the property is sold, there will be a realized gain or loss.
Paper, Sheathing
Moisture resistant paper, which is applied under a final covering of roofs or walls, to serve as a barrier against the weather.
Paper Title
Passing of title to property that is in fact not valid.

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