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Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

La - Lan - Las - Le - Leg - Li - Lim - Liq - Lo - Lot
Flexible, pliant. Able to be easily bent and shaped.
A white substance, calcium oxide CaO, obtained by the action of heat on limestone or other material containing calcium carbonate. It is used in making mortar or cement and in neutralizing acid soil when mixed with water.
Lime Putty
Lime, which is moistened to a puttylike texture and, when added to mortar, keeps it workable by retaining water.
Rock consisting mainly of calcium carbonate and is both stable and attractive. Available in different surface finishes, it can be used for building columns, facings, trim, etc.
Limestone Carborundum Finish
Used in construction where a smooth finish is required, this limestone has a finely-ground surface.
Limestone, Honed Finish
Very fine smoothly finished limestone, used in a situation that requires the look of a polished surface.
Limestone, Machine-tooled Finish
Limestone blocks with a grooved finish of four to eight parallel grooves per inch, which are used for decoration.
Limestone, Plucked Finish
Rough textured limestone.
Limestone, Rough
Shot-sawn or Chat-sawn Finish Limestone that has a coarse finish.
Limestone, Sand-sawn Finish
Limestone with a moderately smooth sawn surface.
Limestone, Smooth Machine Finish
Smooth surface finish made by use of a planing machine on limestone.
Limestone, Wet-rubbed Finish
Limestone whose finish has been rubbed smooth by use of an abrasive.
  1. A boundary or border.
  2. The greatest number or amount allowed.
  3. To restrict.
Limit Switch
An adjustable switch that will turn off electrical power when a set time has been reached. The switch is controlled by part of the mechanism so that when it reaches the place where it should stop, the switch is activated and powers switches off.
Limited Liability
The restriction of a person's potential losses to the amount invested and does not go beyond that.
Limited Partner
Member of a partnership whose liability for partnership debts is limited to the amount invested in the partnership.
Limited Partnership
A partnership in which there is at least one partner who is passive and limits liability to the amount invested (limited partner) and at least one partner whose liability extends beyond the monetary investment (general partner). Investment groups of various kinds, including real estate syndicates, use this manner of ownership where a general partner makes the decisions for the group and is primarily liable for losses.
  1. Any system of pipes or wires for conducting water, gas, electricity, etc.
  2. A long, thin mark.
A direct line of descent as from father to son.
Lineal Foot
A measurement of one foot, in a straight line, along the ground. Also referred to as a linear foot.
  1. Relating to line or lines.
  2. In relation to length only, extended in a line.
Linear Foot
A foot of distance (12 inches) measured in a line along a surface. Also referred to as a lineal foot.
Linear Indication
If the length of a flaw discovered during a surface nondestructive examination is at least three times as long as it is wide, requiring further evaluation, it is a sign of a potential problem and called a linear indication.
Line of Credit
The maximum pre-approved amount that an individual or business can borrow without filing another application.
Line Graph
A diagram of lines, connecting points on a graph, representing the successive changes in the value of a variable quantity or quantities.
Lineman's Pliers
Multi-purpose tool which is often used when working with wire, they have a blunt, tapered nose along with built-in side. Also called side cutting pliers or electrician's pliers they have insulated handles to protect against shock from live wire.
Lineman's Splice
Also called a Western Union splice, the ends of the two electrical wires are bared and then overlapped and twisted around each other
Linen Closet
Closet, with shelving, used to store sheets, towels, etc.
Line of Sight
Visual ability to see from your eye to a certain point.
Line Post
The posts that are in between the corner posts on a fence.
Something, particularly a material, that fits inside of something else to cover the interior surface.
Lines of Force
A line in the field of magnetic or electrical force, indicating the direction of the force, at any point.
  1. The act of covering the inner surface of something.
  2. Material used to cover the inner surface of something.
Lining Felt
Felt of a minimum weight of 15 pounds that provides a cushion between, for example, a subfloor and the finish surface of the floor.
The time and distance between a designed use of property and the intended users.
Floor covering, either sheet or tile which is made from wood filler, ground cork, pigment, together with a solidifying binder and backed with felt.
Linoleum Knife
Used for cutting linoleum as well as vinyl flooring, drywall, etc. this hook-blade knife has a sharp edge on the inside curve of the hook.
Linoleum Varnish
Flexible and elastic varnish.
Linseed Oil
Flax plant oil that is used as a drying agent.
Horizontal crosspiece over a window or door that carries the weight of the structure above it.

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